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Dafna Zacharin

Studio founder, Yoga teacher

“I believe that our body is smarter than we give it credit to be and if we learn to listen closely, we can start to hear the little messages our body sends to our brain about the way it’s feeling physically and mentally.”

Yoga Teacher and Founder of Flux Yoga, Dafna has over 4 years of experience in leading groups and individuals through their yoga practice. After starting her practice in early 2015 she very quickly fell in love with the movement, breathe and connection. After having seen such a quick transformation in her approach to people and life, she decided that she needed to pay it forward and spread this magic to as many people as possible. She did her first teacher training in late 2016 and has made it her mission to her the yoga practice to as many people as possible ever since. After experiencing different methods of yoga and movement she finally found her biggest passion — incorporating functional movement or mobility with yoga. Getting an understanding of how to move the body in a safe and effective way changed the way she practiced and helped her move pain free, and THAT was what she wanted to teach and pay forward. Dafna will help progress your practice in a healthy and sustainable way with close accompaniment and support. In her classes you will find creative and fun flows thats include many different muscle groups so you can always work towards moving the entire body as one.


712 South Dixie Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009

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