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Based on Ashtanga yoga, this class will always revolve around the same foundational yoga poses that you see in the ashtanga primary series.


This class is perfect for those who are looking to deepen their understanding of the basics of yoga and get into more of a moving meditation through repetition and structure.


The perfect way to start or end your day!


This is where we come to reset and rejuvenate. available to all levels of practice, flux slow is a more restorative and quiet class. a yin-yasa where you come to build a little bit of heat and cool down. moving slowly and deeply to fully immerse in the practice.


Flux power will test your limits in new and creative ways. It is a powerful class that will get the beginner familiar with the practice as well as challenge the seasoned practitioner. We will be flowing for the majority of the class with little off time and go through many new and intricate progressions.


Enjoy moderately paced movements, to warm the muscles, paired with satisfying stretches, to release tension and stiffness in the body. This feel good practice will help you loosen up both mentally and physically. Available to all levels yet presents some challenge and some heat for anybody who is meeting themselves on their mat. The perfect class for a fun, creative and accessible practice.


Come to wake up.

Our breathflow class is a movement and breath sequence where you will learn the world of pranayama.

Starting off with movement to warm the body and continuing with different breathing techniques to calm the mind & move energy around, this class is available to any and all levels making it accessible to every-body.
Come breathe with us.


Our prenatal yoga flow is a 1 hr class available for women in all stages of their pregnancy.

We will be going through sequences that will assist in strengthening as well as calming the body and the mind.

Join us and feel free to reach out and ask any questions!


A classic yin class with long & deep stretch holds. A way to clear the mind through breathe and stillness. an approach that works on calming the nervous system and making space.


Come to build the core strength you’ve been missing with this 45-minute, pilates based class. A challenging class that will be sure to get your core fired up and strong!


712 South Dixie Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009

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